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All Southridge puppies are raised in an encouraging environment where we promote happy, healthy, receptive, well adjusted puppies through interactive play, socialisation and an enrichment process. Many hours go into raising puppies to a high standard and owners are encouraged to be a large part of this process, hence our home is open to those on our puppy lists from 3-8 weeks for visits, however, we do understand that location of owners often precludes this, so luckily for those of you who can't visit, I take lots of photos! This is not a business, we breed to get puppies for ourselves so we do expect some consideration to the fact this is our home.

Our puppies all leave home with NZKC registration (limit register unless agreed specifically), 6 weeks free puppy insurance, blanket, numerous toys, food sample, information sheets on nutrition, grooming, training, health and a private contract with specific conditions regarding health, behaviour, rehoming and a written health guarantee. All owners will be required to sign this contract or a variation of this if main registration is agreed.

Tiki will be mated to Griff as a repeat mating in July 2021 fully dependent on the quality of Griffs semen at age 13. We expect medium to strong eyed pups, fast, powerful, highly trainable with good natural instinct. Both parents are fully DNA tested with updated test results from MyDogDNA done in 2020 now available on their pages. We will be taking names for this litter from performance, working and experienced border collie homes. This litter will be Southridge.

If Griffs semen quality is low then Tiki will be AI'd to Cai Pritchards Madog Mot ISDS 00/358982 below. Mot is a dog I have been watching closely since early last year. While I like ISDS line dogs I feel many are not suited to NZ terrain and our needs. That's where Mot is a bit different. I first drawn to his structure and movement which unlike many ISDS dogs remains free and fluid in more intense work, no surprises to then see him work the mountainous hill country in Wales as well as small paddock work. A very stylish dog who is currently training with Aled Owen. I had planned to bring his semen over in December but at that stage hadn't thought to use him until next year so decided to hold off. By luck his semen had come over and was offered for sale so naturally we grabbed it. Mot is tested clear on the standard ISDS panel CEA, SN, IGS, TNS. Tiki is clear on the extended MyDogDNA panel. Pups will all need very competent homes preferably working however agility homes will considered. Pups will be available for export to performance and working homes only. This litter will be GetAwayBack.

Tess (Southridge on Point) will be AI'd to Madog Mot above in October 2021. The pups will be very intense and powerful dogs that will work well on the hill or flat and may be suited to trials. I expect easy training, excellent drive for performance sport with good robust structure and movement. Pups from this litter will be available for export to working and performance homes only. Tess is clear of all the current MyDogDNA panel by parentage however will be tested herself prior to the mating, she is PennHip Scored with favourable results of .25/.32. Pups will all be smooth coat. This litter will be GetAwayBack.